Cook Together Parent & Child Class

Announcing our next Cook Together Class as our first one has now sold out!
This cookery class is for one child (min age 8 – max age 16) & parent.
This class is designed for two, a parent/adult and their 8-16 year-old working together in this hands on workshop which will teach you how to make homemade Italian Potato Gnocchi.
A fun hands-on class suitable for all abilities!
To prepare a menu of Italian potato gnocchi with a mascarpone & blue cheese sauce with crispy bacon & spinach all made from scratch!
Learning to make potato gnocchi from scratch is great fun and really satisfying when you realise how good it taste compared to shop bought so – they’re worth the effort!
You will both learn how to make the dough the importance of using the correct type of potatoes and why they are cooked in their skin and the reason for making ridges with a fork. We will also look at the difference between Italian mascarpone vs cream cheese.
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