Cook Together – Parent & Child Class

28 March 2020

Introducing a New Cookery Class

Cookery class for one child (min age 8 – max age 16) & parent 

‘Child & Parent Cooking Classes’ by ‘Cuisine by Nadine’
This class is designed for two, a parent/adult and their 8-16 year-old working together in this hands on workshop which will teach you both the basics of making fresh pasta dough alongside a classic but elegant tomato sauce.

A fun hands-on class suitable for all abilities!

  • To prepare a menu of Fettuccine with Tomato and Basil Sauce all made from scratch!

Learning to make great pasta from scratch is a simple pleasure and which not only taste better than shop bought but is rewarding to make. So why is it superior to dried pasta?  The texture is tender and silky with a rich, flavor; and soft yellow hue derived from the use of eggs which typically dried does not use.

You will both learn learn  how to make the dough using ’00’ flour, the importance of rolling out your pasta and why we laminate (to ensure that our pasta will have good texture and bite).

Learning Outcomes

  • Making fresh pasta dough
  • Using a pasta machine
  • Making a ribbon pasta
  • Cooking fresh pasta al dente
  • Make a classic tomato sauce
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