Junior Chef – 15/16 June 2019

This week our Junior Chefs will be making – the Daddy of all burgers!

Father’s Day dinner often centres around BBQ & grilling. But this year you can really treat Dad like the king of his castle with an amazing burger, cooked by you his own Junior Chef!

For the non-meat eaters, we have an equally delicious vegetarian option too, a zingy burger made from chickpea and beans packed with flavour.

So celebrate in style on Father’s Day with… Homemade Burgers, now that’s a serious eat!

The hamburger may well have European origins, but it took the Americans to see its full potential.  Burgers may be fast food, but they are also a craft.  The real key to a juicy burger is fat, for this reason we will add minced smoked bacon for added moisture and flavour the other key component is course ground mince, so the burger has texture.  We will add cooked onion, herbs and seasoning to create a really tasty burger.  

We will not be using egg but instead a panade made by adding a stout (alcohol free – 0.0%) to bread before adding to the burger mix this gives a deeper flavour and the malty flavour of the stout really brings out its savoury beefiness , plus it helps to bind the ingredients together and tenderise the meat.

There will be the option to add fresh tomato and lettuce, pickled gherkins, burger and tomato sauce and a fresh slice of jarlsberg and slices of cooked pancetta, the garnish will be all down to you.

We will serve with roasted lemon and herb potato wedges an alternative to chips, they have a zesty fresh taste. 

In this week’s dish we will be using the following skills: Weighing, measuring, crushing, cutting, slicing, mixing/combining, & shaping patties, pan frying, roasting.

See you at the weekend Junior Chefs.

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