Mini Chef – 9 Nov 2019

This week our Mini Chefs will be making – Courgette Caponata with Chicken

Caponata is a classic Sicilian dish the basil and tomato go together well and give the dish an Italian flavour.  This is a hearty meal when served with pasta and it makes a fantastic vegetable-based sauce.  Simple to whip up and it packs three of your 5-a-day into one meal

Courgette also known as zucchini to some, is the most popular of the squash family, its culinary uses are many and it is an easy ingredient to cook providing you don’t boil them which turns them mushy and flavourless, instead pan fry or steam, or eat raw.

When buying select small courgettes that are firm to touch with a glossy, unblemished skin. Avoid soft and oversized courgettes.  Courgettes do not need peeling. Slice off each end and prepare as recipe directs.

In this week’s dish we will be using the following skills:

Weighing, measuring, chopping, cutting, boiling/simmering and frying.

See you Saturday Mini Chefs.

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