Teen Chef – 5 Oct 2019

This week our Teen Chefs will be making – Prosciutto Wrapped Cod with a Lemon Cream Sauce served with Pea & Mint Pesto Spaghetti

Cod is an extremely versatile ingredient with a subtle flavour and pearly white flesh which is complimented beautifully by Italian salt-cured ham – Prosciutto.

We will be serving this with a pea & mint pesto.  Pesto is a process of pounding fragrant ingredients to make an aromatic sauce that shares an affinity with pasta.  Ours will be a little different to the way pesto is usually prepared, we will be adding leek for extra depth of flavour.  In addition, there are also no nuts in this pesto giving it a smoother texture.

We will top the dish with a cream sauce that is tangy, buttery and creamy.  The base of this sauce will be a velouté which is one of the five mother sauces of classical cuisine.  Like béchamel, velouté is thickened with a roux. Whereas béchamel has milk as its base, velouté is made with stock.  We will be finishing our sauce with cream and lemon juice, making it similar to that of a Supreme sauce but ours will be served on top of our fish thicken enough to hold its shape.

Skills used this week include:
Boiling, draining, blending, mixing, making a roux, making a veloute, whisking, zesting, juicing, wrapping, roasting.

See you Saturday Teen Chefs.

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