Teen Chef – 18 Jan 2020

This week our Teen Chefs we will be making – Pan fried duck breast, with an orange sauce along with a zesty & fragrant orange rice

Duck is very versatile and diverse and is widely loved for its rich, tender meat.

The Gressingham Duck is a well-bred duck and is a unique breed that first came about when the flavourful Mallard was crossed with the larger Pekin duck, now renowned for its superior taste and succulence making it a favourite amongst restaurant chefs.

Duck has a succulence which lends itself well to sweeter flavours, which is why it is often served with fruit i.e. Duck à l ’orange but it can also work well with mushrooms, or other meats.

In our recipe we will be serving it with zesty and fragrant orange rice which is both fruity and satisfying, without being overly rich ideal with pan roast duck.

Duck breast has a bold flavour, with rich flesh that can be served pink. While duck is known – and, indeed, loved – for being a rich, fatty meat, for the most part it is the skin of the duck which holds most of the fat. 

Did you know a skinless duck breast fillet is lower in both calories and fat than a chicken breast in addition to being rich in protein and iron. 

In Season: Oranges are at their peak between December and April.

The most common variety of orange for eating is the navel orange, so named because the blossom end often resembles a navel.  Choose fruit that’s heavy for its size and free of soft spots.

Fruits are traditionally served with duck to offset its richness.  Oranges are available year-round, but during winter (when citrus is in season) they give us the little burst of tropical elements and vitamin C. 

Oranges pair well with duck and we will showcase them in both our orange sauce and in our aromatic rice with saffron, cinnamon and ginger, providing a hearty savoury side.

This week we will be using the following skills: Scoring, pan frying, cutting, slicing, infusing, rendering, resting, combining, boiling and grating, zesting, peeling, making a sauce with fruit, rinsing, chopping.

See you Saturday Teen Chefs.

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