About Me

Doing what I love, and living my dream!

I see food as a way of putting a little bit of me on a plate and allowing me to be defined by what I create. With enthusiasm, passion alongside knowledge the possibilities become endless.

I have always taken a keen interest in food as a child when my mum cooked the weekly Sunday roast or a stew from scratch, these were the meals I loved, the way the house smelled good with cooking aromas and the way we gathered as a family and sat down to eat felt like an event, rather than a process.

Visits to my Gran’s, enabled me to dabble with preparing and cooking food and was my initial introduction to other world cuisines, like Italian and Asian food, which were at the time very adventurous.

I can honestly say that I have always felt happy when being around food; planning, shopping and preparing for a meal, or catering for larger events such as our children’s christenings. I have always enjoyed watching culinary programmes, excited about the prospect of learning more and relished in the opportunity to partake in cookery schools such as Raymond Blanc’s and Rick Steins.

Due to an injury I was forced to take time out from work; this gave me the time to reflect upon what I really wanted from life. Le Cordon Bleu is renowned and recognised as a culinary school of excellence I took the plunge and enrolled; which took me down an awe inspiring path.

Training was very intensive, you really need to love cooking before enrolling but most of all have passion and drive.  Having previously spent my working life in investment banking, I was desperate to have an opportunity to follow my passion and become classically trained in Cuisine.  So I took a leap of faith and for the first time did something I really wanted to do for me and nobody else.

The journey was long and tough at times especially the schedules which were not always easy alongside having a young family with very early starts and late finishes.  I loved every single demo and some practicals more than others.  But every day brought a new challenge and despite the fatigue or stressful moments in the heat of the kitchen.  I have always reflected on my time positively and saw the opportunity as a real privilege.

I always cooked with love but without a full understanding of why certain ingredients or techniques were used. I was taught by some of the industry’s best and by the end of the course I had gone from cooking well for family and friends to living my passion by delivering exceptional food cooked well using the right techniques. I am pleased to say I graduated and now hold a highly acclaimed ‘Diplôme de Cuisine’.

I have been given an opportunity to pursue something I always considered would just to be a dream this I am now doing by launching of my own business, a cookery school for children and adults as it came to my attention through my own 10 year old daughter’s love of cookery that there was little by way of opportunity for children in the area we live and indeed for adults to!

‘Cuisine by Nadine’ is a Cookery School for both adults and children started in September 2018 in Coulsdon and Wallington areas.

With use of excellent facilities operating from two schools with dedicated food technology rooms.

Each are each equipped with ten individual workstations and a station for live demonstrations.

About me;

I am classically trained and qualified at Le Cordon Bleu London

  • (NCFE – Level 4 Diplôme de Cuisine)
  • RSPH – Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering
  • City & Guilds – Level 3 Award in Education and Training
  • Level 3 – Emergency First Aid Certificate Approved by FAIB
  • Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • Trained in Adverse reactions to food & the management of allergens in the classroom
  • Trained in Covid-19 Awareness
  • Up to date Risk Assessment & Safeguarding Policy
  • Fully Insured