‘Skills & Spills’- Cookery School

The aim of Skills & Spills Cookery School is to teach all to learn and grow in the kitchen through making food fun following recipes to bring ideas to life.

I will be teaching basic cooking skills, incorporating a good understanding of food safety, healthy eating, meal planning by practical fun cookery lessons.

The basis of good cooking and eating comes from a good knowledge of ingredients and their use.

  Teaching children to appreciate where food comes from and how to prepare it, along with the importance of buying the best produce seasonally and locally produced if possible, provides your aspiring young chef the tools they need to learn essential cooking skills, so they can become inspired cooks.

Adult classes can be booked at one of the venues, or arrange a bespoke lesson designed to match your skill set.

Our venues have excellent facilities

All equipment for each lesson will be provided along with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients (where possible).

Cookery Classes for Children and Adults too!