Tip – Reduce Vegetable Waste

Use more parts of the vegetables you cook with

Do you chop off certain bits of vegetables and throw them away? Rethink what you’re doing, because there are lots of parts of vegetables that we regularly bin that are extremely tasty and add different textures. From broccoli stalks to celery tops, pea pods to the skin of an onion, you could be using more of each vegetable, rather than throwing away.

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Easter Cookery Workshops – Great British Classics

Celebrating the Best of British

Easter is a lovely period for food – it is, after all, the holiday most synonymous with springtime and all the fantastic ingredients the season brings in abundance.

Our workshops will focus on chocolate dessert to meaty dinners made from lamb traditional at Easter and roast chicken served with bread sauce which dates back to medieval times making it the oldest of British sauces to the all familiar spiced fruit flavour of a traditional hot cross bun. 

A two day holiday workshop run over the first week of the Easter holidays.

Workshop 1 will be for Junior Chefs designed for children aged 8-11 yrs.

Workshop 2 will be for Teen Chefs designed for children aged 12-16yrs

Workshop are run in groups no larger than ten so that your child can have a really fun, hands-on cooking experience at their very own workstation. Both workshops will focus on both a classic British dish and a classic British dessert made entirely from scratch using fresh ingredients. Children will be taught new culinary skills that they really will put to the test.

Each workshop lasts for 4 hours classes are designed so that your child gets to enjoy the food they have cooked at home with their family.

Workshops will run from 10.30am to 2.30pm on the following days

Tuesday 7 April Junior Chefs (8-11 yrs)


Thursday 9 April Teen Chefs (12-16 yrs)

@ Oasis Academy Coulsdon

Session cost of to include tuition, all ingredients, use of equipment and packaging to take home. At the end of each session, each child will also take away a wipe clean recipe card, so they can recreate the dish again.

Limited Spaces!

To book, follow the link below to the online booking and payment system.

Online Booking

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Cook Together Parent & Child Class

Announcing our next Cook Together Class as our first one has now sold out!
This cookery class is for one child (min age 8 – max age 16) & parent.
This class is designed for two, a parent/adult and their 8-16 year-old working together in this hands on workshop which will teach you how to make homemade Italian Potato Gnocchi.
A fun hands-on class suitable for all abilities!
To prepare a menu of Italian potato gnocchi with a mascarpone & blue cheese sauce with crispy bacon & spinach all made from scratch!
Learning to make potato gnocchi from scratch is great fun and really satisfying when you realise how good it taste compared to shop bought so – they’re worth the effort!
You will both learn how to make the dough the importance of using the correct type of potatoes and why they are cooked in their skin and the reason for making ridges with a fork. We will also look at the difference between Italian mascarpone vs cream cheese.
Book online!

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Junior Chef – 7 March 2020

This week our Junior Chefs will be making – Sausage, Apple & Leek, Mash Pie

This week we will be celebrating everything great about the British pie to coincide with British Pie Week 2020 which takes place every year on the first full week of March (2 March to 8 March).

Pie is a dish that can bring so much variety to people’s lives. Savoury or sweet, this dish has been around in various forms since the time of the ancient Egyptians and has been a loved favourite by many since.

No other country does pies quite like Britain.  Once you’ve mastered the basic art of ingredient preparation the filling and flavour combinations are endless.  

Whether savoury or sweet, pies are a comforting way to enjoy a variety of ingredients.  Whether encased in flaky pastry or topped with mash, pies make a hearty, meal.

What’s so great about a pie is how versatile you can be with the flavours.

In this recipe we will enjoy sausages removed from their cases and apple along with leeks & kale in a mustard creamy sauce with a cheesy mash topping.

This week we will be working with leeks, it is one of the few vegetables that is best during the autumn /winter months the leek is packed with nutrients and crucial anti-oxidants, to keep you healthy.

Mild, sweet and oniony, leeks are a fantastically versatile vegetable that adds flavour and bite to many dishes and is a perfect marriage with pork as to is apple. 

Pork and apple is a match made in heaven mixed with a tasty sauce using mustard and chicken stock and topped with cheesy potato mash this is the ultimate comfort food.

We will be using Braeburn apples this is a tart, tangy apple. It has a crisp, firm white flesh. It is red over a green background.  It has a firm crisp texture with a unique combination of sweet and tart flavour. Fruits are traditionally served with pork to offset its richness.

Leeks are from the same family as onion and garlic they are an allium vegetable packed with nutrients and crucial anti-oxidants. What to look for when buying; is a leek that is nice and firm, they can be cooked in many ways, steamed, stir fried and can be used in lots of dishes like soups and casseroles and pies.

In this week’s dish we will be using the following skills:

Weighing, measuring, cutting, slicing, squeezing, peeling, mashing, mixing/combining, blending, boiling/simmering, straining and baking.

See you Saturday Junior Chefs.

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