Junior Chef 8/9 Feb 2020

This week our Junior Chefs will be making – Ultimate Mac & Cheese

Nothing says Winter quite like a hearty, Mac & Cheese, we will be making it ultimate by using not just one type of cheese but four as well as pancetta, leeks and sage the result will be a really comforting dish of sweet leeks, meaty bacon, pasta in a creamy cheese sauce, lots of  big flavours!

This week we will be working with leeks, it is one of the few vegetables that is best during the autumn /winter months the leek is packed with nutrients and crucial anti-oxidants, to keep you healthy.

The British leek is a fantastically versatile vegetable that adds flavour and bite to many dishes.

Leeks are from the same family as onion and garlic they are an allium vegetable.

What to look for when buying is a leek that is nice and firm, they can be cooked in many ways, steamed, stir fried and can be used in lots of dishes like soups and casseroles.

This week the focus is on sauce making; the base of this sauce will be a Béchamel, which is one of the five mother sauces of classical cuisine. Béchamel, is made with milk and thickened with a roux. 

This week we will be using the following skills:  measuring, chopping, grating, mixing/combining, boiling/simmering, frying and baking.

See you at the weekend Junior Chefs.

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