Teen Chef – 8 June 2019

Friday 7th June will see people across the country celebrating their love of fish and chips as they come together on National Fish & Chip Day!

Teen Chefs will mark the occasion creating ‘Our take on Fish & Chips’

This healthy baked fish recipe is a take on traditional battered fish takeaway. The fish is lightly pan-fried and topped with a tasty crumb mixture including parmesan cheese, basil and lemon.

This technique known as – ‘paner a l anglaise’ in French culinary terms, creates an attractive crust which adds flavour and texture, it also helps protect delicate fish fillets whilst helping to keep moist.

We will serve with roasted lemon and rosemary potato wedges an alternative to chips, with a zesty fresh taste.  To accompany will be crushed peas with mint and a tartare sauce which will have the classic mayonnaise base with the mandatory pickles salt and sour gherkins & capers whilst the fresh herbs will bring freshness with the parsley being key as its peppery heat works amazingly.

In this week’s dish we will be using the following skills:

Washing, measuring, grating, mixing/combining and roasting, juicing, zesting, crushing, cutting, pan frying

See you Saturday Teen Chefs.

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